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Hi, I'm Swamy and my core belief is that Life is a great coach. It shows us where to go next through our own feelings. Without a clear understanding or guidance, we end up running away from these feelings instead of turning inward. If you are experiencing intense anxiety, panic, feelings of unreality, depersonalization or derealization, I can help you understand what is happening to you. And with that understanding, you will discover your inner strength to confront your fears and live the life you desire.

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Living with anxiety, panic or feeling unreal can be a frustrating experience. Other people including friends and relatives don't usually understand what it is like. In the past, there have been many times I have wished I had someone to talk to when I was experiencing a tough time. I want that help to be available to you. I'm offering a free one hour session either through Skype/phone or in person. Let’s have a chat and find out what’s been bothering you.

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What people are saying

Ama A
Ama A
"Swamy, after talking to you, I felt a sense of relief. You put everything into perspective for me and now I have a better understanding of what is happening to me. I've been practicing acceptance and letting go and not fighting the feelings or thoughts. But it's funny now because for some reason those thoughts and feelings are not coming as frequent. I'm grateful that you have taught me how to recover and I know it's going to take a while before I'm fully back to my regular self, but ever since our talk, I feel so much better."
Berry U
"Swamy, I’m very pleased with how patient you are. You have really taught me some helpful skills and things that I never would have thought of. You make me feel really comfortable so that I can speak freely about my emotions. Most of all, thanks to you, the depersonalization that I experience is now more understandable to me. I understand why I have it and where it comes from. Now I have got some tools to accept it and recover from it. After every session with you, I feel more hopeful and relaxed! So nice there is someone like you. People need you! Keep up the good work."

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Whether you'd like to schedule a free one-on-one session with me or if you'd like to ask me something or just leave a comment, I'm only one click away.

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