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  1. Swamy, thank you so much for all that you do to further understanding of this condition and promote and support recovery for folks everywhere. Your work has profoundly changed and improved my life. Sessions with you were invaluable. Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Thank u for the information but i have 1 question. Does DP/DR make u feel so worthless and cant conect to people even your closest ones?

    • What’s scary the most is my feelings that were attached with memories have left me! It’s as if I see my memories as someone’s else’s life with no connection to them. I feel disconnected to everyone in my life. The only way I can describe it is like two magnets coming apart. I feel like my soul is lost in space. I life my life doing the motions but not really living life. Like I’m in a dream. I cry a lot because I miss me and I miss feeling alive and feeling confident, excited, having passion for things. For me it started with overthinking. I then could feel my brain detaching from my good and bad memories. It’s so scary! Daily I try to refire those feeling and I can’t. It like something went dead in my brain! I’m so devastated because I feel like some of my most beautiful and happy memories are now numb. This, this is why I cry. Will I ever regain those feeling back?! Well I feel like I’ll reconnect with my loved ones?! Can anyone relate?

  3. Hello, in Brazil this subject is very unknown. I developed DP DR at the age of 12, after 4 years of suffering a lot, I started taking anxiolytics, like prozac, soon, my anxiety improved and I stopped calling DP DR, and over time she was disappearing, I don’t remember if she totally disappeared, but no it bothered me. Now, I went through a phase of a lot of stress, I have very strong symptoms and I’m not taking medication, I know how to improve, it’s simple what should be done, but very difficult to do in practice, but anyway, the question that want to do is:
    IS IT POSSIBLE TO CURE 100% of DP DR? because I don’t know if I was cured when I was on medication, or the medicine left me so well that it didn’t matter to me anymore ….
    thanks, Vinicius

  4. HEY HI ,
    Currently am going through a DP episode where when i say ” I ” my mind imagine my friend and i start feeling like herself .. and i start act like her a bit ( like what ever actions i do i cound not recognize myself i my mind plays the scenario as if my friend is doing it ).. please help me is this dp or multiple personality disorder

  5. Hi guys. I think i have Depersonalazation because lately i am feeling like i am outside my body it feels like it’s a dream can someone help me with how to cure this such thing..i am in Durban South Africa.


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