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  1. Hello my name is Agustin and recently I been suffering from depersonalization. I’m 16 years old. what worries me is that I’m gonna have this condition for years. It been a struggle for me these past couple days and do you have any suggestions with schoolwork so I won’t worry as much

  2. Hi I’m navanee and I’ve had dp/ dR for the past 5 months and it as stopped for a few weeks but for the past few days I’ve been feeling it worse and it feels like I cannot connect with my daughter and shel be right next to me but I feel like shes not there and everytime i look at her feel like I’m seen her for the first time.. its driving me insane what can I do…. I also have that crying and sadness feeling non stop.please help

  3. Hi I’m natalia and I’m 14,my stress and anxiety is so serve that I recently just started to get depersonalization and derealisation. I have a therapist but I feel like if I talk to her about it she will think I’m werid or something. I feel like I wont be normal again even tho I will be eventually and I know it takes time but I’m just scared. I just want it to end. Do you have any advice on what I should do to calm myself down and also maybe try to make it seem like my depersonalization isnt there anymore when it is.


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