I believe that growth requires commitment and commitment requires some guidelines. These are meant to help me expand my abilities and keep me on the track towards my goals and well-being. But they are not dogmatic in nature and should not be treated as hard rules. Ultimately life is dynamic, intricate, fluid and cannot be contained by any set of edicts. This is a manifesto I’ve created for myself. In our partnership together we will be working on framing your own personal guidelines and values.

  1. Life unfolds through me by the process of creation, expression and enjoyment. These three modes of living bring ultimate satisfaction to me.
  2. Playfulness and humor are integral part of my lifestyle. They permeate my everyday interactions with other people and with myself.
  3. Being physically strong is not only a necessity for my mental well being but also the foundation on which my advancement rests.
  4. The change we desire doesn’t come without the necessary hard work and perseverance. I am committed to doing my work despite my fluctuations in my mood and motivation level.
  5. Instead of seeking out happiness, I earn it as a consequence of living in accordance with my values.
  6. At times when life is challenging, I see adversity as an opportunity to expand myself. One becomes stronger when one has overcome hardship.
  7. In intimate relationships, I look for respect, admiration, attraction, independence, desire to be with each other and above all, a process of mutual growth.
  8. Learning expands my boundaries and adds to my riches. I will continue learning new ideas, languages, physical activities and acquiring new skills.
  9. Travel excites me. It brings me in touch with new cultures, people who are different than me and landscapes that take my breath way.
  10. Rest and rejuvenation are critical to my success. I will continue to take breaks, sleep well, re-evaluate my stressors and periodically disconnect from my work.