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  1. I’ve dealt with DPDR off and on since I was 14. I’m now 34. As scary as it is I have always came out of it. The worst time was when I was 28 and it lasted for a year straight. One bit of advice I can offer is to keep living your life normally. It can be hard to want to go out, be around people or even just do any of your normal activities, but not doing them is the worst thing you can do. Obsessing over it only makes it worse. You have to try to enjoy your life as much as possible and understand this is only temporary and it’s your minds way of protecting you. Eventually you will slowly forget about the feelings of DPDR and will feel normal again.

    • Solid advice, this is what I tell to people as well. If you wanna feel normal again, you’ve gotta do things you normally would do. It’s hard in begining, but gets easier as time passes.

  2. Hi Swamy! Thank you for your articles! Can dp/dr starts in several days after smoking weed? I had experienced bad trip, but the next day i was fine. But i had a nightmare next night and when I woke up i couldn’t feel real…

    • It’s a possibility. I’ve heard from people that this happened to them with their use of psychedelics, but I can see it happening with some strong weed as well.

  3. Thank you so much, reading this article helped calm some of my anxiety down. I’m seeing my psychologist tomorrow to talk about this and I hope I get some relief from DPDR soon.

  4. Ive been going to doctor to doctor trying to get to the bottom of whats happening to me, even though i realize it is DPDR, i just needed some sort of medication but its taken so long for them to prescribe me with something. I stumbled upon this article in the perfect time bcuz i havent felt “real” in over a year, but reading this was quite comforting. I really appreciate this.

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